Dumpster Weight Calculator

Determine What Size Container You Need

Our dumpster calculators can help you estimate the weight of your debris and identify which size dumpster is right for the job. Whether you’re working with asphalt, concrete or roofing shingles, use the calculator or call 888-905-2924 to better determine what size container you need.

Asphalt and Concrete Weight Calculator

Converting Volume to Weight: Asphalt and Concrete

Depending on length, width and thickness, asphalt and concrete weigh approximately 145 and 150 pounds per cubic foot, respectively. Use the asphalt and concrete weight calculator to determine what size dumpster you need for heavy debris.

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Shingles Weight Calculator

How Much Do Shingles Weigh?

Shingles vary in weight based on type. Standard shingles typically weigh about 230 pounds per square – or 100 square feet. A bundle of asphalt shingles usually weighs between 60 and 80 pounds, while a bundle of cedar shingles weighs between 40 and 80 pounds. Use the shingles weight calculator to determine what size roofing dumpster you need.

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How Much Weight Can a Dumpster Hold?

How much weight a dumpster can hold depends on the dumpster itself. offers a variety of dumpster sizes that have specific weight restrictions. When loading your dumpster, keep in mind its weight limit. Even though your debris fits within the volume of the container doesn’t mean it weighs less than what’s allowed. Use our dumpster weight calculator to determine which size is right for your project, or call 888-905-2924 to speak with a helpful customer service representative.





My wife run's a home daycare. The kids were outside playing when the driver came and picked up our dumpster. The driver went above and beyond. He showed the kids what the controls did and how to pick up the dumpster. He even treated the kids with a honk on the air horn as he left. This type of costumer service seems lost nowadays, but it wasn't with this gentlemen. I hope you can find out who it was and commend him for his exceptional service today. 

Williamsville, Illinois

I contacted you for a rental of a dumpster. You delivered the dumpster on the day promised and you picked it up on the day requested. I was very satisfied with your service and if I need a dumpster again you will be the company I call. Thank you.

Jupiter, Florida

Excellent service and a fair price. The drivers who showed up put the dumpster exactly where I wanted it and were courteous and polite. Wouldn't hesitate to use this service again. Thank you.

Cedarburg, Wisconsin

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