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How To Organize Your Car


How to Organize Your Car Like a Pro

Cars are great for getting us from point A to point B. Storing clutter? Not so much.

Cars are easy targets for stuff to just pop up and never leave.

A cluttered garage is one thing, but a cluttered car can be a real safety concern. A hard stop or too-tight a turn can cause something to spill over and distract you from the road.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep your car clean and safe.

Car Organizing Ideas

Throw Away Trash

The first step in decluttering and organizing your car is to throw out all the trash. This includes any water bottles, napkins, food wrappers and another other junk items you have laying around. Check the floors, underneath the seats, in the pockets on the back of seats and the sides of doors.

Not everything is junk, though.

There are certain items you should keep in your car at all times, including:

  • Owner's manual. 
  • Insurance / registration.
  • Jumper cables.
  • Spare tire. 
  • Car jack. 
  • Flashlight.
  • First-Aid kit.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Umbrella.
  • Ice scraper.

Tackle the Trunk

All the items previously mentioned should go inside the trunk with the exception of your owner’s manual, insurance and registration papers, and sunglasses. Those should be tucked away in the glove compartment or another easily accessible area.

You can easily organize your car trunk by using bins, crates and cargo tote bags to keep your items nice and tidy. These trunk organizers are perfect for holding groceries, sporting equipment, maintenance tools and emergency supplies.

Use the organizers only for stuff you will actually use in your car. Anything else should be stored in your home or gotten rid of completely.

"If you are trying to figure out what items you should store in your car, keep a list in the car for a month and write down everything that you wished you had that you didn't. At the end of the month, go through everything that is in the car and ask yourself if you really need those items that you didn't use throughout the month."

Jenn Lifford | Clean and Scentsible

Spruce Up the Cabin

Once you’ve taken care of the trunk, don’t forget about the cabin. Once you’ve cleared all the junk out, designate spots for the items you’re going to keep. You can do so with these clever car organizing hacks:

  • Turn your side door pockets into an on-the-go cleaning station, equipped with disinfectant wipes, window glass cleaner and more. 
  • Line your cup holders with baking cups or cleaned out jars to hold loose change. 
  • Use an empty tissue box to hold plastic grocery bags and keep it under the seat so you always have something to throw trash in. 

The key to having an organized car, much like anything you want to keep organized, is to stay on top of it.

"Each evening, before you exit your car for the last time that day, be sure to scoop up any garbage and toss it on your way into your home to keep your car looking nice and organized."

Deborah Gussoff | In Order

Have some tips of your own on how to organize your car? Comment below with your car organizing hack!


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